J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu With Prices

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu With Prices

You are a doughnut lover and are looking for a cafe that serves the best doughnuts and coffee. Then, you stumbled upon the correct article because I will provide you with the name of the chain, which is J.CO Donuts & Coffee, and now you want to learn more about the restaurant.

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J.CO Donuts & Coffee is mainly famous for donuts and coffee. Their menu includes donuts, desserts, smoothies, coffee, chocolate, tea, bottled drinks and more. The main reason people like to visit J.CO Donuts & Coffee is that they offer a combination of coffee and donuts.

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I hope you know a little bit about their menu, but this is just an overview of their menu. The full menu and prices are described below. In addition to the menu, I will also share contact information, franchise details and nutrition facts. Before jumping to the menu, let us understand their history.

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J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a coffee chain restaurant from Indonesia, founded by Johnny Andrean on June 26, 2005. Their first restaurant is located in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia. Currently, they have more than 300 outlets in some countries, and the company is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

J.CO donuts and coffee menu prices 2021

In 2021, a half-dozen box of JCo donuts commonly retails for ₱ 252.73.

When you visit their store, you should definitely order a combination of coffee and donuts. In the coffee area, they have iced coffee latte, iced hazelnut latte, iced brown sugar latte, iced caramel j. coccino and so on. If you want something chilling, you can order their smoothies.

If you like desserts, then I have good news for you. They have a variety of mouth-watering desserts, such as cheesecake, Katy Berry donuts, chocolate caviar chocolate, strawberry rainbow and more.

Easy Recipes

J.CO Donuts creates mouth-watering combinations and creates innovative dishes from the ideas they have acquired around the world. They also add local flavors and their staff is enthusiastic and humble. They provide the highest quality products.

The price of J.CO Donuts & Coffee is reasonable and comparable, ranging from MYR 3 to 10. So don’t wait, let’s check the latest J.CO Donuts & Coffee menu prices


Donut MYR 3.50


Caramello Crunch MYR 3.50


Blurberry More MYR 3.50
J. Cool to Go MYR 23.53
Cheese Cakelicious MYR 3.50
Katy Berry Donut MYR 3.50
JCO Half Dozen Donuts MYR 20.99
J. Pops Mini Donuts MYR 25.56
J. Club Sandwich Cheese MYR 4.88
AI Capone MYR 3.50
Bella Donna MYR 3.50
Choco Caviar Chocolate MYR 3.50
Mississippi MYR 3.50
Coco Loco MYR 3.50
Milosaurus MYR 3.50
Sugar Ais MYR 3.50
Tira Miss U MYR 3.50
Oreology MYR 3.50
Jacky Chunk MYR 3.50
Why Nut MYR 3.50
Strawberry Rainbow MYR 3.50
Heaven Berry MYR 3.50
Snow White MYR 3.50
Galzzy MYR 3.50
JCO 1 Dozen Donuts MYR 34.56

J Coffee Drip Bag

Coffee Drip MYR 25.00


Hazelnut Chocolate Frappe MYR 14.60
Avocado Frappe MYR 14.10
Chocolate Mint Frappe MYR 14.70
Green Tea Frappe MYR 14.70
Mocha Espresso Frappe MYR 14.70
Oreo Frappe MYR 14.70
Caramel Frappe MYR 14.30
J. Coccino Frappe MYR 13.60
Black Forest Frappe MYR 14.70
Chocolate Frappe MYR 14.10
Blueberry Yogurt Frappe MYR 14.10
White Chocolate Frappe MYR 14.10


Iced Cafe Latte MYR 11.80
Iced Brown Sugar Latte MYR 11.80
Iced Americano MYR 9.00
Iced Hazelnut Latte MYR 14.10
Iced Tiramisu MYR 13.60
Iced Caramel J. Coccino MYR 14.10
Iced Mocha MYR 13.80
Iced J. Coccino MYR 12.10


Iced Chocolate MYR 12.10
Iced Hazelnut Chocolate MYR 13.80
Iced White Chocolate MYR 14.10
Iced Dark Caramello MYR 12.50
Hot Dark Caramello MYR 12.50


Iced Thai Tea MYR 11.30
Iced Green Tea Latte MYR 14.15
Iced Green Tea MYR 10.60

Bottled Beverage

Iced Latte MYR 25.00

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Franchise Details

J.CO Donuts & Coffee has more than 300 franchised stores in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Saudi Arabia. So if you want to open a J.CO Donuts store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee $10,000 to $21,000
Total Investment Cost $250,000 to $1.5 M

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Important Links

Official Website jcodonuts.com/
Order Online order.jcodelivery.com/
Events jcodonuts.com/events/
News jcodonuts.com/news/

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Contact Information

J.CO Donuts Corporate Office Address : No. 161, Cijagra, Lengkong, Kota, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

J.CO Donuts Corpor//ate Office Address :

To contact the team of J.CO Donuts fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/iamjcolovers/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/jcoindonesia/

Youtube Channel: youtube.com/jcodonuts/