The Dunkin' Pumpkin release will be the earliest in the history of 2021

Dunkin Pumpkin

There is no doubt that the sequel to Dunkin' Summer Menu was a hit. Now that the days are getting shorter and shorter, the season for pumpkin flavors is here. Much earlier! In this article, you'll find out when the Dunkin 'Pumpkin flavors are expected to return in 2021.

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The fall season has a tendency to creep in quickly, especially after the July 4th holiday. Dunkin 'always seems to be ahead, releasing its fall menu at the end of August each year. During the 2020 pandemic, Dunkin 'delivered its Fall menu on August 19, 2020. This was the first Dunkin' to bring pumpkin to their menu!

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The 2020 fall menu included the new Signature Pumpkin Spice Latte, traditional pumpkin swirls, apple cider donuts and an fall base that we can't do without; Pumpkin Pumpkin. These classic items were the perfect accessory for coffee lovers in difficult financial times and pandemics.


Apple is a new flavor this year. So many people are excited about the supposedly refreshing apple and cranberry coconut refresher called Apple Cranberry Coconut Refresher, which will debut on the Dunkin 'menu this fall. At the same time, Starbucks is rumored to have something special for the fall called Apple Crisp Macchiato!

If you are starting to crave your favorite pumpkin-flavored coffee, the wait may end sooner than you think. According to several sources, the Dunkin 'Pumpkin and Coffee flavors will be released earlier than any other year, with an initial launch in mid-August 2021.

That's right! You can officially schedule your favorite pumpkin coffee on a 90-degree summer day or on the beach. A funny thought that seems so incredibly perfect! Specific August date and menu items are yet to be finalized.

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The fall season wouldn't be the same without the scent of pumpkin spice floating in the air of late summer… or mingling with the scent of sunscreen? Oh well. Life can be difficult at times …

As we learn more about the expected Dunkin 'Pumpkin Flavor release, we'll update this post with more information. Stay tuned for Dunkin 'Pumpkin arriving faster than ever!